Reviews & Testimonials

“Dr. Stephen Purdy was vital to my success as a researcher. His hands-on, dynamic, and honest approach to teaching is invaluable, and the experiences working with alpacas and donkeys that he provides for his students are completely unique. My accomplishments under Dr. Purdy are stand-out features of my resume, and I am so fortunate that I got the chance to learn from him.”
Caitlin Donovan, MS PhD Student, University of California Davis

“The NACSP is responsible for educating the next generation of animal scientists, producers, educators, and veterinarians. Dr. Purdy’s commitment to his students is unmatched, and many graduates of the program (including myself) can say that they would not have achieved their goals without his influence and guidance.”
Margret Sorbi, NACSP Teaching Assistant, UCDavis College of Veterinary Medicine c/o 2018

“Working with alpacas and donkeys has given me so much confidence and joy over the past four years. Dr. Purdy is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and to the success of his students. I will spend the rest of my life trying to pay forward what has been given to me by this program”
Nicole Rapa, NACSP Teaching Assistant, Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine c/o 2018

“The practical experience I gained from Dr. Purdy through the North American Camelid Studies Program is invaluable. It has opened so many doors for me and differentiated me from many others in the field. Dr. Purdy is a fantastic teacher who gives his students as many opportunities as possible to learn!”
Mimi Wilk, Education Animal Ambassador-SeaWorld Orlando

“Dr. Purdy has instilled in me a love of teaching. In taking courses available NACSP I saw firsthand how animals can impact learning and how The Nuñoa Project is able to disseminate vital information to alpaca lovers across the US and abroad.”
Meghan Gennings, Pursuing an MS in Agricultural and Extension Education at North Carolina State University

“Dr. Purdy and his classes have taught me so much about livestock animals. The hands-on experiences his classes offer really build skills and confidence in working with animals. His classes are extremely well-taught: they are both practical and scientific and his teaching style makes remembering class topics effortless.”
Danielle Youngman, Animal Care and Adoption Center Agent -Animal Rescue League of Boston-Cape Cod

“Despite the fact that I walked onto the farm without an ounce of large animal experience, Dr. Purdy was welcoming and supportive at every step. With his guidance and encouragement I immersed myself in the world of alpaca and donkey theriogenology; without the opportunities this program and these animals offered me, I would not be where I am today.”
Alexandra Shailor, UPenn School of Veterinary Medicine c/o 2017

“I am so glad that I got involved in this project it has given me many valuable experiences and introduced me to so many great people, I don’t know where I’d be without it.”
Brandie Amos UMass Amherst c/o 2014

“I can honestly say that Dr. Purdy’s NACSP reproduction course has been the most interactive and educational experiences of my undergraduate studies. Dr. Purdy has been such an influential professor and veterinarian, always challenging us to apply what we have learned in the classroom to our research and lab sessions.“
Amanda Russo, UMass Amherst c/o 2014

“The Camelids program is really quite special. Not a lot of college courses offer hands on experience and team building skills like this one. We, as students, are learning step by step by doing the work ourselves. Every class is a different adventure and it’s always something to look forward to. DP understands us as students and pushes us to be better. His weekly lessons help us inside and outside the classroom. Going into this program, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task... but if there is no struggle there is no learning.”
Alexandra Provost, UMass Amherst c/o 2014

“Nothing teaches you more about camelids and donkeys than the work you do with them yourself. These animals are unique and it takes a unique set of people to work with them. Being given the chance to work with these guys has truly opened my eyes to a whole new type of animal.”
Jackie Celmer, UMass Amherst c/o 2014, Ross University Veterinary School c/o 2018

“Working with Dr. Purdy has given me an opportunity to learn so much about camelids and donkeys. He’s the kind of teacher that doesn’t just tell you how to do something, but allows you to do it yourself. I never thought I would end up loving alpacas as much as I now do thanks to the Nunoa Project.”
Becky Riedel, UMass Amherst c/o 2015

“Without a doubt Dr. Purdy has given me an invaluable experience unlike any other in my animal science career. He trusts his students so much and allows them to apply actual skills in the field, not just in hypothetical situations. I respect him so much and really value every piece of information I get to hear him say!”
Lindsey Youngman, UMass Amherst c/o 2015

“Dr. Purdy got us out of the classroom and onto the farm where we could apply real veterinary skills and an element of common sense to our class.”
Kristina O’Keefe UMass Amherst c/o 2015

“Dr. Purdy encourages us to ask questions, and challenges us to find the answer out for ourselves.”
Caroline Fitzgerald, UMass Amherst c/o 2015

“Participating in the Camelid Management program through the Nunoa Project has taught me so much about alpaca and llama care. Doctor Purdy is a wonderful teacher who educates his students through hands on experience that is hard to find anywhere else. I have been working with the alpacas and donkeys for two semesters now and will be participating in the Donkey and Alpaca Reproduction class this upcoming fall.”
Rachel Grabar, UMass Amherst c/o 2016

“In Camelid management I have learned how to properly manage a herd. I have also learned about the anatomy and physiology and reproduction of Camelids and I will expand my knowledge by taking another class next fall.”
Nicole Gautreau, UMass Amherst c/o 2016

”Working with Dr. Purdy has taught me a great deal about camelids and veterinary medicine. Traveling with him to Nuñoa was one of my favorite experiences.”
Sara Brunsden, , UPenn School of Veterinary Medicine c/o 2017