The Nuñoa Project

Education and support for farmers, students, and veterinarians in the US and Peru as well as the  herders and townspeople of the Peruvian altiplano


  • To give back to the country of Peru for their gift of alpacas to the US and other countries in the world.
  • To make a positive difference in the lives of herders and townspeople of the southern Peruvian highlands.
  • To address immediate needs through humanitarian aid and veterinary support for the animals in the region.
  • To exchange information and preserve the rural traditions of herding for future generations in the southern Peruvian highlands.
  • To establish self sustaining programs in the areas of support for herding families and veterinary assistance for livestock in the Department of Puño region.
  • To provide educational and research opportunities along with training for students, farmers and veterinarians through the North American Camelid Studies Program and the North American Donkey Studies Program in the US and through the Nuñoa Project work in Peru.